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Why SEO?

When someone searches for the business you are in, who would not want to be in the first page of the search results? First place results get 50% of the clicks. That's a lot of traffic you are losing out on.

There are may factors which determine which website will show up first but putting it simply, Google is a popularity contest. If the best surgeon in the world said you are a very good surgeon, do you think you'll have lots of clients calling? It's the same thing with search engines, the most trusted and poular website wins.

How do you optimize then? Well, if you're a doctor, how do you diagnose and treat patients? If you're a dentist, how do you fix someone's teeth? As you can see, this line of work, done on a professional level, has lots of intricacies. As a patient of a doctor, you could say "all he did was ask me questions and he gave me a prescription". Behind the scenes, that doctor had 10 years of schooling with lots of hours spent on the job training and continuously keeps himself updated. It's the same for Search Engine Optimization, we don't save lives though, we save businesses.

As an expert at SEO in West Covina, we keep ourselves updated. We learn daily and we have groups that help us keep abreast of emerging technologies and changes in our field. We keep ourselves in tip-top shape.

Why not advertise?

Simply put, lots more people click on organic (non-ad) results. The return on investment is generally greater if you optimize your site rather than just buying ads.

Find an Expert.

By hiring an expert, you will receive a great return on your investment. Have you had times when you go things multiple times because you are not an expert on it? Most of us try not to spend money foolishly. By doing things right the first time, you will reap enormous benefits. Your website is like a house. Do the foundation incorrectly and your house will not be right no matter how hard you try.

There are many ways to find SEO consultants. Not all of them are created equal. Does their website say they are number one in their own city? If not then that is a big red flag.

Choose someone with experience and with the results that you want.